As could be expected, new installations are designed according the latest standards and requirements, with attention to safety and efficiency. Many existing burner-, boiler-, incinerator- and process installations, however, are equipped with outdated operating, safeguarding, measuring and control systems. As a result, these may no longer comply fully with the latest standards, regulations and requirements. In addition, these systems may not function optimally, causing problems during inspections and audits. These problems might be caused by poor levels of safety, reliability, availability, control and/or signaling. All in all, these will result in poor efficiency, further reducing the reliability and availability of the installation.

Thanks to our highly specialized know-how of Burner Management Systems (BMS) and Boiler Control and Protection Systems (BCS/BPS), and by combining this with an extensive knowledge of standards and requirements, a proven track record is available in profitably carrying out so-called Retrofit projects. PriCall Automation has TÜV-certified functional safety knowledge available.

In order to find out whether a Retrofit project would benefit its clients, PriCall Automation can perform an inventory scan. By means of a practical scan, we draw up a list of both necessary and recommended improvements. Prior to a Retrofit project, relevant questions for managers of burner-, boiler-, incinerator and process installations may include:

  • Are reliability and availability optimal?
  • Are operation and signaling optimal?
  • Are inspections and audits (by third parties) completed without any problems?
  • Is it clear whether improvements are possible using the installed technology?

If any of these questions cannot be answered with a straightforward ‘yes’, it may be advisable to have this assessed by means of specialist knowledge.

Would you like to find out about the possibilities to improve safety and availability, please feel free to make use of the specialist knowledge of PriCall Automation. With a proven track record and business partner ships with relevant suppliers of burners, boilers, incinerators and other equipment, PriCall Automation is the ideal partner to assess and where possible improve the performance of your process installation.