PriCall Automation – Efficient Industrial Automation


We are happy to share our worldwide activities around Industrial Automation. We focus on design and assembly of control- and safeguard systems mainly for the process industry.

Specialist in the area of Burner Management Systems with attention to the process, applicable codes, safety and efficiency.

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About us

PriCall Automation is an independent provider of industrial automation services based on many years of experience in industrial automation, both nationally and internationally. Within this sector the focus has been on fail-safe control systems for energy generation, heating processes, gas and oil treatment and petrochemical processes.

In-depth knowledge is available on Burner Management Systems. This knowledge isn’t limited to the control and safeguarding system but covers processes associated with burners, boilers, HRSG’s, incinerators and furnaces. We bring a detailed understanding of the international codes that may apply. We also bring key insights into the trade-off between safety and availability of Burner Management Systems.