Unit Control Panel, Czech Republic Gas Treatment

These UCP’s (2x Unit Control Panel) equipped with a SIL 2 Allen Bradley Control logix PLC will be acting as a control package for two Silica Gel Polishing Units of a gas treatment plant located in the Czech Republic. The new UCP’s will be an addition to the already existing plant in order to improve the performance of the gas treatment process.

Beside the complete package scope (Project management, Hardware- & Software engineering, Panel assembly and Functional testing) of the new unit control panels, PriCall is also responsible for the modifications to the original control panels onsite that are necessary to incorporate the new Silica Gel Polishing Units into the existing process.

Different techniques regarding hazardous area, lightning/surge protection and communication are used in the UCP panels which makes this project a complex piece of hardware engineering;

  • EXi isolators to connect the intrinsically safe circuits.
  • Surge protection modules on all incoming IO and Power Supply to protect the system from incoming lightning and surge.
  • Individual IO fusing for extra protection against surge and short circuits.
  • Hart protocol multiplexers for accessibility to all analog hart-transparent transmitters and actuators.

Also developing the application software for this particular project was a nice challenge, as the specific process was relatively new for both the customer and PriCall. By working together closely and by communicating very clearly we succeeded in developing a control package that meets the requirements of PriCall and our customer.

Next phase of this project will be commissioning in the Czech Republic where PriCall will provide assistance to the commissioning activities for the existing and new UCP systems.

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2x Unit Control Panel (PCS + SGS)
"Process Control System + SafeGuarding System"

Industry / Sector
Gas treatment plant (Czech Republic)

"Silica Gel Polishing Units" process control / safeguarding

Allen Bradley ControlLogix 5570 (SIL2), AB Ethernet IP
Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 7 Performance (HMI)
Stahl EXi isolators for the intrinsically safe circuits (DI / AI / AO)
Stahl HART protocol multiplexers
Dehn surge protection modules on all I/O,
communication lines and power supplies

PriCall scope of supply
Project management, Hardware & Software engineering,
Panel assembly, Functional testing, Commissioning support