Remote I/O System (PACO), Dutch Gas Extraction

For a customer specialized in compressor solutions, PriCall delivered this Remote IO System (PACO: Process Automation, Control and Optimization) containing several different safety and control systems;

  • HIMA H41-q HS SIL3 Safety PLC
  • Schneider Foxboro FBM fieldbus IO
  • Bruel & Kjaer Vibro, Vibration Monitoring

In addition to the EXi isolators to connect the intrinsically safe circuits, the panel also contains other type of control and communication signals such as; 4-20mA, mV, 24Vdc, 230Vac, Profibus, Modbus, Fibre Optic and Ethernet which according to the standard should be segregated as much as possible.
At Pricall for each project extra attention and effort is put in the segregation of these different types of signals in the design of the panel to prevent possible failures. This can be achieved e.g. by using double wiring trunking and shielded cables.

The panel was subjected to extensive internal inspections and functional hardware tests, after which a successful FAT test was carried out together with the customer. PriCall fully demonstrated the system during the FAT and gave the client the opportunity to subject the system to specific desired tests.

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1x Remote I/O System (PACO)
"Process Automation, Control and Optimization"

Industry / Sector
Gas extraction / treatment plant (The Netherlands)

"Booster Compressor" process control / safeguarding

HIMA H41q-HS (SIL3), Schneider Foxboro FBM Fieldbus IO,
Bruel & Kjaer Vibro (Vibration Monitoring)
Safe Ethernet Fibre Optic, Modbus RS-485, Profibus DP
Stahl EXi isolators for the intrinsically safe circuits
(DI / AI / AO / Vibration Transducer)
Pepperl+Fuchs HART loop converter

PriCall scope of supply
Project management, Hardware engineering,
Panel assembly, Functional testing