Burner Management System / Combustion Control, Dutch Zinc Industry

For a customer specialized in combustion solutions PriCall delivered this BMS/CC (Burner Management System / Combustion Control) panel. Beside the hardware engineering also the panel assembly was carried out by PriCall.

The system includes a Honeywell (EC7850) Burner Management System with standard Siemens (S7-1500) IO modules, which take care of the complete burner protection and control. In addition the emergency stop actions are handled in a Pilz (PNOz) safety relay. The whole is operated by the Siemens HMI (KTP700) on the front of the panel.

At PriCall we pay special attention to the coding of our panels/components. By using the “double coding” principle on both the mounting plate as the wire trunking covers, components can be found easily in the first place and also components can be replaced without losing its dedicated coding. The latter is often the case with only dedicated coding on the physical components themselves.
During our site activities we also often encounter missing or misplaced wire trunking covers due to bad or no coding at all. By also using the double coding method for the wire trunking (mountingplate/trunking covers) this issue is resolved.

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1x Burner Management System /
Combustion Control (BMS/CC)

Industry / Sector
Zinc Industry (The Netherlands)

Burner- control/safeguarding
Zinc furnace

Honeywell EC7850 (Burnerrelay), Siemens S7-1500 (I/O),
Siemens KTP700 (HMI), Pilz PNOZ X3 (E-Stop),
Jumo STB/STW 701150 (Temperature control)

PriCall scope of supply
Project management, Hardware engineering,
Panel assembly, Quality control