Unit Control Panel, Nigerian Offshore

This UCP (Unit Control Panel) controls the process of a Glycol Regeneration Package for an end-user in Nigeria.

The Allen Bradley Control logix PLC controls the Glycol process via sequences and PID controllers in order to do the glycol regeneration as efficient as possible. For operating interface the UCP is equipped with a Panelview Plus 7 HMI. All process status and data is available for the customer’s DCS via an Ethernet/IP link.

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1x Unit Control Panel (UCP)

Industry / Sector
Offshore oil & gas (Nigeria)

“Glycol Regeneration Package” process control

Allen Bradley ControlLogix 5570,
Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 7 (HMI)
Dehn surge protection modules
(incoming power supplies)

PriCall scope of supply
Project management, Hardware & Software engineering,
Panel assembly, Functional testing